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We specialize in finding high return, residential properties for non-accredited investors!

With our new, intuitive platform, Fresh Start brings investment opportunities to you with just a few clicks. We find residential, high return properties and invite non-accredited investors to take advantage of our inventory. You will actually own part or all of a specific property. No banks. No agents. No accreditation. No hassle.

Access our properties through a paid membership
Invest as little as $5,000
Expect returns between 8% and 12%
Start earning income immediately

Fresh Start is a sophisticated real estate investing platform that is as easy to use as a smartphone app. With over 15 years experience in real estate, our Fresh Start team personally selects each property so they yield 8% to 12% return.

High Returns Made Easy

Management Features

  • User Profile

    Create your own profile to make investments easy

  • Dashboard

    View your investments and earnings in a user-friendly, graphically smooth interface.

  • My Documents  

    Your legal documents and contracts are automatically filled and saved in one organized place

  • My Investments  

    View and manage a detailed breakdown of all your investments.

  • Investment Entities

    Investing through a group? Set up as many investment entities as you want and invest with your partners

Check Out Some of Our Properties

We choose each of our properties in areas that allow high cap rates so you get optimal returns on your investments. View some of our current properties by clicking below.

Our Team

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